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Hahndorf and the Harbor

March 4, 2011

On Tuesday, Drew and I decided to head on down to the beautiful Victor Harbor again. It’s only a 3.5 hour drive, so why not? The first time we ventured down to the Harbor we passed a ridiculously quaint little German town called Hahndorf, so we made it a thing to visit this time. The German’s settled South Australia in the early to mid 1800’s, and their influence is very prominent in here in South Aus. Hahndorf is  a pretty touristy little town with lots of cute shops and restaurants serving beer and sausage. It was a nice hour-long stroll down the main drag, and we managed to pick up a few gifts for folks back home and I snapped a few photos. The weather was gorgeous in Hahndorf (65 and sunny) with a soft breeze that made it feel like a  fall day.

beautiful storefront


pretty much in love with this store- all handmade, repurposed, recycled

lighthouse at cape jervis

requisite beach shot

me, rocking what i like to call 'homeless chic'




South Australian Landscape

March 1, 2011

long skinny palm trees


penfold's winery


Drew's looking for some wombats- (they live in those holes)- but no luck.


cute little tree

Cellar Door Wine Festival

February 27, 2011

Kylie and I made our way down to the city to the Cellar Door Wine Festival yesterday. Over 100 wineries from areas all over South Australia filled the Adelaide convention center. For $20 you got a Reidel wine glass to take home, a token for a full glass of your choice, and unlimited tasting. It was an amazing deal! They even had a couple of breweries offering delicious samples. Kylie works for Henschke Wines, a very reputable and famous winery here in the Barossa, so it was great having her to explain a bit more about the different varieties and the wine regions. Unfortunately I was too busy tasting to take any photos! Oops.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

February 27, 2011

Late one night, long past our bedtime, Drew and I stumbled across the show “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.” It’s pretty much the Aussie equivalent of “Lassie“, but Skippy can do things that I’m sure Lassie never attempted. Like play the drums. Or wave goodbye.

It looks like Lassie could have learned a thing or two.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

February 25, 2011

Circus Tent at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

During the months of February and March, the city of Adelaide becomes a mecca for all things fun and creative. There seems to be a festival dedicated to every art form, catered to any and all tastes- the Adelaide Film Festival, WOMAdelaide (World of Music, Arts, and Dance), Cellar Door Wine Festival, Adelaide Fringe, and even the Adelaide Kite Festival. Why everything seems to happen all within these two months of the year is beyond me, but Drew and I have been taking advantage of it nonetheless!

Last night, Kylie, Drew, and I ventured down to the Adelaide Fringe Festival to catch a couple shows and some dinner. The beauty of the Adelaide Fringe (a sister to the Edinburgh Fringe if you’re familiar with that) is that you can pay as little as $10 to see a show- whether it be comedy, puppetry, music, cabaret, or circus acts. The acts tend to stray a little left of center, and range from hilarious to completely bizarre. We also took a stroll through the Garden of Unearthly Delights– an area of parkland that they transform into the epitome of a creepy carnival. It was pretty amazing. I am officially obsessed with the Fringe!


Drew was called onstage and did an amazing job. So funny!


Shows at the Garden of Unearthly Delights


One of the many unique venues at the Garden


Requisite carousel


Creeeeepy clown game. (Notice the monster in the alley!)


No Grape Pickin For Us

February 24, 2011

Drew and I are suppose to be pickin’ our little hearts out right now, but apparently we suck at migrant working. The guy we’ve been in contact with that set us up with the grape picking job for today, told us to be there at 7 am. When I hear “see you at 7” I think, ok we are meeting at seven. Not leaving at seven! As we pulled up to the meeting spot, we see a five car caravan pulling away. Rats! (That’s not exactly what we said, but you get the point…) We woke up early for nothing!

Oh well. We’re not heartbroken, just a little annoyed. It was pretty funny too, because the whole morning we were like, should we go? is this going to be weird? We packed our lunches and everything!

We ended up coming home, climbing into bed, and for some odd reason, Drew had platypus’ on the brain. So we looked at some videos of platypus’ before falling back to sleep. Thanks to National Geographic for this one. The music really makes it!

Platypus Video

Christchurch All Shaken Up

February 23, 2011

I’m sure most of you have heard about the tragic earthquake that rocked Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday. Drew and I were at home and had the news on while sipping coffee, trying to figure out what we were going to do that day when we heard. The death toll is already at 75 with lots more missing and so many buildings in the city just in ruins. Our hearts definitely going out to all the people affected by this horrible disaster.