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No Grape Pickin For Us

February 24, 2011

Drew and I are suppose to be pickin’ our little hearts out right now, but apparently we suck at migrant working. The guy we’ve been in contact with that set us up with the grape picking job for today, told us to be there at 7 am. When I hear “see you at 7” I think, ok we are meeting at seven. Not leaving at seven! As we pulled up to the meeting spot, we see a five car caravan pulling away. Rats! (That’s not exactly what we said, but you get the point…) We woke up early for nothing!

Oh well. We’re not heartbroken, just a little annoyed. It was pretty funny too, because the whole morning we were like, should we go? is this going to be weird? We packed our lunches and everything!

We ended up coming home, climbing into bed, and for some odd reason, Drew had platypus’ on the brain. So we looked at some videos of platypus’ before falling back to sleep. Thanks to National Geographic for this one. The music really makes it!

Platypus Video

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