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Officially “Dinner Party Age”- And Totally Fine With It!

February 14, 2011

Ok, so I’m 24… but seriously, how exciting is it to say I’m officially old enough to attend a dinner party and not have to sit at a kids table?! Pretty exciting!

Mark’s sister Kylie had me over for a lovely meal, some great (and I mean great) wine, and awesome company. The standout dish of the night was the rockmelon & prosciutto bruschetta with manchego and thyme. Sooo yummy. I also had my first ‘pavlova’, which is a really popular Aussie dessert (named after the Russian ballet dancer Ánna Pávlova) made with a meringue nest on the bottom then layered with friut and topped with cream. The pavlova I tried was the Jamie Oliver version, which had greek yogurt and lemon curd instead of cream and fruit. It was quite delicious! I am seeing many more pavlovas in my future.

The lovely cooks, Kylie and Emma!

Super yummy cous cous and chicken marinated with balsamic, lime, and garlic.


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