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To Angaston and Back

February 11, 2011

Drew and I were able to borrow a couple bikes and go for a ride to Angaston. We’ve actually done it twice now, because the first time I forgot to bring my camera (duh!). It’s a nice easy ride- about a 5km gradual climb to get there, and then downhill all the way back. The second ride we were prepared and also brought a picnic.

Not too much going on here in the Barossa- Drew’s been working, I’ve been painting, sewing, and researching for places to live when we get back. Maybe I’ll blog about some of the stuff I’ve been making. Hmm, we’ll see.

But here are some of the photos from the second bike ride. If any of you have seen my precious photographic work, you should know that I have somewhat of an obsession with photographing old factories. This one is still in operation (making cement) but there was a pretty cool unused railway loading-dock. It’s the little things in life.

One minute you’ll be in a pine grove, the next minute you’re surrounded by a HUGE cactus. Australia is weird like that.

And a Dr. Seuss tree.

The Barossa looks like Tuscany sometimes.


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