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Having a Go at Cricket

January 22, 2011

I hadn’t really heard much about cricket before coming to Australia, and had never seen it played. After trying to watch some on TV (boring), and trying to have the sport explained to me (Zzzzzzz), I was pretty convinced that cricket was single-handedly the most dull sport ever to be played. (I can’t speak for Drew though… he secretly loves it.)

But alas! Cricket can be fun- and it was loads of fun when Mark and his friend Nigel took us down to the local cricket cages to have a go at Australia’s beloved sport. Since the bat is wider and flatter than a baseball bat, it doesn’t take the greatest eye-hand coordination to get a hit- and that made me quite happy.

Since I really don’t know the first thing about the sport, I’ll let this little informational video narrated by a fantastic British accent, explain for me. (Caution: Contents of video may be extremely boring.)

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