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How to talk like an Aussie

December 13, 2010

So obviously Australians speak English, but let me tell you- it’s quite a different kind of English than us ‘yanks’ are used to. You know, like “Throw another shrimp on the barbie!” But really, an Aussie wouldn’t say ‘shrimp’… they would say ‘prawn’. Here’s a little list of words and phrases that are truly Aussie.

  • capsicum= bell pepper
  • tea= dinner (said in context. tea is also the drink.)
  • biscuit= cookie
  • cuppa= a cup of coffee or tea. as in “would you like a cuppa?”
  • the bush= rural areas
  • chook= a chicken
  • getting “clucky”= when women get together and act like women? not really sure about this one….
  • skippy= a kangaroo
  • to root= to have sex
  • mozzie= mosquito
  • esky= cooler
  • chips= fries
  • lollies= candy
  • paddock= field, pasture
  • adding ‘as’ – “scary as.”, “sweet as.”= “very” (very scary, very sweet)
  • ute= utility vehicle. most look like a newer el camino
  • good on ya! – way to go, good job
  • cozzie/toggs- swimsuit (the name depends on which state you’re in)
  • budgie smuggler- men’s speedo

That’s just a little taste. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. I love the Aussie slang. Don’t be surprised if Drew and I sound weird when we get back to the states! 🙂 And here’s what a ute looks like. Sexy.

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  1. Stanton permalink
    December 25, 2010 4:46 pm

    Lol, i know this slang list well!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Holy shit, how crazy is it to be in tropical weather?! Snow is piled-up here in Dayton. Haha, glad to hear about the mutual cafe positions.

    p.s. To my yankee ears, I always thought the using of the word “root” was pretty crude. I suppose I heard it in many contexts, some of which seemed more like “to have sex,” like, “we rooted.” But I feel “to root” something is more of a masculine, penetrative-sounding word (like, digging or rooting around in the ground or through something). Hence, “take me home and root me,” is something I overheard late at night after bar close from lots of kiwi women on the streets. But i think it’d be strange if I heard a dude say, “get in here and root me again,”–i’d be much more likely to think he was asking a male lover for that. Ah what colorful semantics, ay? What do you think? Let’s take this apart!! lol

    Rock on!

    have FUNNNNN!!!!!!



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