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Wait- is it almost Christmas??

December 12, 2010

Are you serious? Drew and I really can’t wrap our minds around the fact that it’s December, considering it’s been 80+ degrees and humid as a sauna the past week. We went down to the Brisbane Powerhouse a few days ago and heard a band playing Christmas music. We were like, “What? Is that Jingle Bell Rock? Ohhh… yeah.” No plans for Xmas yet… but we’ll have off December 30th to January 5th which will be awesome!

So… it’s a little hilarious, but Drew and I are working at the same cafe now. Remember I mentioned having a job at Campos Coffee? Well, they needed a chef and I knew one. Simple as that! He’ll be working 6 days in a row this week… but learning lots and making good money. They serve beautiful breakfast ($17 for 3 pancakes, $18 for poached eggs….) so it’s not too bad knowing a chef when there’s a mess up! I will happily dispose of it for him. Hehe.

Cat is in Brisbane visiting right now, so we’re having fun being the ‘locals’ for the week. We went to the Gallery of Modern Art again yesterday and saw the new exhibits they had up. Lots of video art, but this was definitely the stand out. Freaking hilarious.

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