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Why, hello again Brisbane!

December 6, 2010

After a lovely month woofing on Mount Tamborine, Drew and I have made our way back to Brisbane. It was a little sad leaving the Aussie family that we were staying with, but we are super excited to be back in this city. We are subletting a cute apartment outside of the city center, in the suburb of New Farm. Amazingly after only 2 days of being here, we’ve already found jobs. Drew’s is literally across the street from our apartment, and mine is a 15 min walk. Not too shabby! Now if it would just stop raining…. rain rain rain. Where is the sunny Brisbane we fell in love with? Luckily if we do want to go out and brave the rain, the public transport is pretty awesome. We took the City Cat (the really fast river ferry) to see the new Harry Potter movie on Southbank and only got mildly soaked! 🙂

It’s easier to deal with rain when there are so many cool things going on indoors. Like this really cool exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art:

This piece won the Premier of Queensland New Media Award. You put your face up to the hole, and you appear in the animation via live feed. So ingenious, quirky, and cute.

I start my job tomorrow- can’t wait! I’ll be helping out in the kitchen at Campos Coffee; a coffee roaster/cafe/restaurant that is tucked away on a little side street. Wish me luck. 🙂


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