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November 23, 2010

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Drew and I’s most recent adventure was to the city of Melbourne- located in the state of Victoria, it is Australia’s second most populous city with about 4 million. Even though it was only founded in 1835, it’s kind of crazy how cosmopolitan it is… probably thanks to the gold rush they had in the 1850’s. We took a tour of the State Library of Victoria (surprisingly similar to the Library of Congress in D.C. only smaller) and found that Melbourne definitely seems to have a lot more history than the other cities we’ve been to so far.

The tram system was pretty amazing (and cheap) and allowed us to get around the city so easily. We stayed in a hostel called The Nunnery, which was an old convent that had been converted. It was located in Fitzroy- the part of town with all of the good, cheap restaurants, bookstores that are open late-nite, cutesy little cafes, galleries,  and (of course) painful amounts of über hip 20-somethings. In Fitzroy we found the Rose Street Artist Market… a little parking lot with lots of talented local artists selling their wares. The Queen Street Market on the other side of Melbourne was amazing. You could pretty much get everything from food, clothes, gifts, even pets! (Two chickens for $6 anyone??) We were able to eat really cheaply by going to the Queen St. Markets, and had fun going to different parks all around the city to have our picnics.

Melbourne was really fun, but Drew and I think that Brisbane is the better place to call home for a while. Brisbane: less traffic, less people, more modern, less rain and more sun. !

A quick shout-out to both of our families who we’ll miss SO MUCH during Thanksgiving. It’s kind of weird that it’s the end of November and it is 80 degrees outside…. definitely not sweater wearing/cider drinking season. 😦 Please, eat a little bit extra for us!

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  1. Becca permalink
    November 29, 2010 6:09 am

    Missed you guys on Thanksgiving! Love you and glad to hear you’re having a good time 🙂
    Enjoy the sunshine while you can!
    <3Becca H

  2. Stanton permalink
    December 6, 2010 4:35 am

    I miss you guys! The adventures still sound great–thanks for continuing to post your stories and pictures. They look sweet. I like drew’s hat btw, and the pic of you feeding the lorikeet?? Beaches look friggin’ awesome!

    P.S. Don’t come back. I’m 3 weeks back into Ohio and we’ve got snow, cold wind, and the GD bills are ENDLESS! I’m not even doing anything and I’ve gotta pay somebody something! lol. Day-to-day here was a bit of a shock to come back to. It was so welcome to have lived someplace else and seen how a different kind of life is very possible.

    Keep having a wonderful time, friends! Give it some serious thought!

    Looking forward to hearing more,



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