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Flinders Ranges N.P.

October 11, 2010

Last week Drew and I took a roadtrip to the Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in Australia and among the oldest in the world. It was about a five hour drive to the north, and I swear we passed maybe thirty cars on the way there. We stayed in the Wilpena Pound, an area in the heart of the Flinders. Apparently, the native Aboriginals that lived in the area named it Wilpena which means “the place of bent fingers” which refers to the way the mountain are arranged in a circle and how they resemble a cupped hand. It was a beautiful area very different from the rolling hills of the Barossa. We went on a hike up to a point that overlooked the whole pound. On the hike we ran into an echidna, a porcupine looking little guy, and a family of kangaroos. In our campground we also saw a mama emu and her six babies. Australian animals are freakin’ crazy!

We are starting to plan another roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road, a 250km (155mi) trip along the southern coast of Australia. We’ll probably do that within the next month or so. Yay!

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