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Driving on the Other Side

September 21, 2010

Today we venture into the farm land to see some sheep dogs perform tricks.  Not too sure what we’re getting ourselves into, but I’m hoping for some dog pyramids, perhaps a dog jumping through fire, who knows?  Should be some good fun no matter what we get to see.  Later we’re going to a national park, to do some kangaroo and koala hunting 🙂  Those pesky little koalas are hard to spot, especially since their only source of food gets them so high they can’t move.  Silly koalas.

The kangaroo meat was delicious.  Very lean and not as tough as you would think. Mark said we should put some tomato sauce on it, but the meat with some salt and pepper was perfect.  We have laid off the ‘chips’ over the past few days and my stomach is thankful.  Tried some bacon and egg pizza which tasted as one would think.  Not sure if egg should be involved in the pizza process, but to each their own. The food has been very interesting, lots of schnitzels and other fried goodness.

After having driven an automatic car for my entire life, driving a manual has been like learning to walk again.  Not to mention the fact that everything is reversed, from the turn signal to driving on the other side of road.  I’m beginning to get the hang of it, still having some trouble with that first gear but other than that it’s smooth sailing.  Mark’s car is a ute (utility vehicle), similar to an El Camino,  a very popular car/truck over here.  Julia’s been loving the back seat because every bump we go over is a little roller coaster for her.

That’s all for now see ya on the flip side.  Ta.


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