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footie, chips, & wine

September 19, 2010

Last Friday we boarded the train in Gawler and met Cat in Adelaide. She showed us around and we had a few drinks with her friends. And the city is beautiful! No wonder she loves it so much. It was nice to get out of the ‘sleepy’ valley and be in a bustling city. We spent the night in her flat and came back to the Barossa the next day for the huge wine tasting. For only $25AUD we got to sample all the local wines and got a glass to take home. We followed it with a little nap in the garden on the winery grounds. 🙂

I had never seen it before, but Aussie Rules Football (or ‘Footy’ as the Aussies call it) is crazy! The blokes here are crazy for it too, just like the American men are with football. We watched the semi-final last night, it was St. Kilda vs. the Western Bulldogs… and I must say, it’s a lot more intense than American football, with a lot more running, kicking, and passing, and a lot less clothing. Imagine soccer meets football meets rugby. Here’s are some highlights from last nights game:

Today we drove around the valley with Mark and Cat and ate a picnic lunch at the Chateau Barossa, where we saw our first koala! He was so high up in the tree that he was kind of just a blob, but nonetheless, I’m pretty sure it was a koala. Haha. We drove around a bit to try and spot some more kangaroos, but no luck. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty though! Anyways, I guess tonight Mark is going to cook us some kangaroo…everyone keeps telling us it’s really good. I’m a little freaked out about it… but whatevs, I’ll give it a go!

More later… ❤


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